Vise Grip Thumb Slug grape
Vise Grip Thumb Slug grape

Vise Grip Thumb Slug grape

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Turbo Switch Grip Inner Sleeve black

Product Features:

  • Urethane Thumb Solid
  • Big Tabs for maximum durability
  • No tools required to remove
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Vise Grip iT - Ball iT w. Ball iT Expander (20 ct)
  • Box of 20
  • No Top Sleeve
  • ​Part to be glued into to the ball for Vise iT System 
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9,95 EUR per Piece
Vise Grip Insta Cure Purple 1/2 oz.

Vise Grip Insta Cure Purple 1/2 oz.

Cure Time 5-15 Secs

A higher viscosity CA, Insta-Cure+ is best suited for bonding surfaces that are less well fitting, the higher viscosity allowing the medium to bridge any gaps that are present in the joint. Typically the adhesive is applied to one surface after which the parts are held firmly together while curing takes place. For laminating, where larger surface areas are bonded Insta-Cure+ is the ideal choice. Laying down beads of glue across the surface prevents premature curing and bringing the surfaces together causes the beads to spread out optimising the contact area that is bonded.

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Vise Grip Thumb Slug black
Vise Grip Thumb Slug
  • Easy 100% Urethane
  • Easy to carve leaving a quick, clean release.
  • Drill Sizes: 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-3/8, 1-1/2
  • Length: 2-5/8. 
  • Hardness: 75
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