Aloha Funballs

Aloha Funball Voodoo
Aloha Funball Voodoo
Plastic Ball
Due the hard plastic surface and the "pancake" core, this ball rolls very straight and is therefore ideally suited for beginners to learn or for spare shooting.
Aloha Funballs are made of the highest quality resins and with their fancy designs under a clear shell or our proven "LETin" Technology the surface of the ball could be resurfaced as often as you want.
This is why Aloha Funballs are the #1 on the Market.

Tech Data:
  • Core: Pancake
  • Surface: 4000 Grit Abralon polished
  • Cover: Polyester
  • RG.: #15 lbs 2.690
  • Diff.: #15 lbs 0.020
instead 129,00 EUR
only 90,30 EUR
You save 30%
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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