Aloha Zero Seashell
Aloha Zero Seashell
Aloha Zero Seashell Core
Preview: Aloha Zero Seashell
Preview: Aloha Zero Seashell
Preview: Aloha Zero Seashell Core
Mobile Preview: Aloha Zero Seashell
Mobile Preview: Aloha Zero Seashell
Mobile Preview: Aloha Zero Seashell Core


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Aloha Deluxe Single Black

Aloha Single Deluxe Tote

Aloha Single Deluxe Tote are made of highest quality materials to guarantee a long lifetime. The shoe compartments on each side will held shoes up to size 13 easily (zipper could not be closed at bigger sizes) while the ball is held safely in a padded foam base.
Deluxe Zippers, padded shoulderstrip and handle are just some of the details which makes to bag so good.

  • Padded foam base
  • Padded Shoulderstrap and handle
  • Shoe compartment on each Side
  • Zipper on front
  • Heavy Duty nylon
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Vise Grip Sanding Disc
  • Package of 100 Sanding Disc
  • compatible to all Sander for example Jayhawk Highspeed Sander
  • Available: 80 Grit, 120 Grit, 180 Grit, 280 Grit
  • Diameter:1-3/8 or 1-5/8
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Genesis Evolution Maxx Ball Cleaner 8oz
Genesis Evolution Maxx
Extra Strength Bowling Ball Cleaner

​Evolution Maxx™ is our bad boy solvent based ball cleaner. We call it "Extra Strength" just because it's stronger than our other cleaners. Truth is, it just might be the strongest cleaner on the market! Except nicks, gouges, or cracks, this cleaner is guaranteed to remove any contaminant from the surface of the ball. The solvent base effortlessly penetrates deeper than traditional water based cleaners, then quickly evaporates to lift and expel lane oils from the surface. Strictly not for use during sanctioned competition, this cleaner is sure to become a legend!
  • Maximum strength, solvent based formula
  • Helps extend the life span of a bowling ball, when used regularly
  • Use after each bowling session
  • Safe for use on all ball types, even polyester!

Features + Benefits:
  • Maximum Strength: Quite possibly, the strongest bowling ball cleaner available today!
  • Solvent Based Formula: The fast drying solvent quickly penetrates dirt and oil, then lifts it away.
  • Dissolves the Dirt: Easily removes all lane oils, dirt and scuff marks from the surface of your ball.
  • Deep Cleaning: Gets further into the pores to extract more than whats on the surface.
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67,30 EUR per Liter