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2 Karton
117,81 EUR
1,40 EUR pro Meter

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Techline Duramax Synergy Lane Conditioner - Bahnöl
  • Formulated at a 40 viscosity for wickless lane machines
  • Cleans easily so the lane surface, pin decks, pins and pinsetters stay clean and perform consistently
  • available in 2x 2.5 Gallons/case
229,95 EUR
12,15 EUR pro Liter
Techline Oxyshock Bahnenreiniger Konzentrat 16:1

Techline Oxyshock Bahnenreiniger Konzentrat

Mischverhältnis 1:16
für Maschine und Handreinigung geeignet
  • An incredible powerful 16:1 lane cleaner concentrate providing outstanding value and performance
  • Formulated with degreasing agents to break down oil and strip away grime and dirt with the cleaning power of oxygen.
  • Easily breaks down low- and highviscosity lane conditioners.
  • Cleans dust and grime with a single pass
  • Restores strong backend motion. Does not leave slippery residue on the backend like other cleaning products.
  • Quickly diperses in water because there is nothing to dissolve.
  • Compatible with all cleaning machines and may also be used for manual cleaning.
  • 16:1 dilution ratio, requiring only 1 part concentrate to 16 parts of water. Ratio may be adjusted to meet the specific cleaning needs of any bowling center.
  • Evironmentally responsible formulation is biodegradable, phosphate-free and VOC compliant.
  • for use on all lanesurfaces
  • available in 5 gallons 

5 Gallonen
105,95 EUR
5,60 EUR pro Liter