Vise Grip Ball Slip Agent
Vise Grip Ball Slip Agent

Vise Grip Ball Slip Agent

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8oz (~237 ml)
19,00 EUR
8,02 EUR pro 100ml

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Vise Grip Ball Polish

The VISE Bowling Ball Polish is a liquid that is applied to the surface of your ball to achieve an even later reaction with a strong backend by giving your ball an extreme polish. This polish is USBC approved for use before or after play.


- 8oz bottle (~237 ml)
- Achieve a fartory type polished finish
- Use when you need more length after using the VISE Compound
- Maintains a strong back end reaction
- Clean with VISE Cleaner after use for best results
19,00 EUR
8,02 EUR pro 100ml
Vise Grip Ball Cleaner
The VISE Bowling Ball Cleaner is a liquid that cleans any bowling ball to give a clean and tacky surface. This cleaner is USBC approved for use anytime.


- Removes lane oil
- Restores trackiness to coverstock
- Refreshes bowling ball coverstock for optimum performance
- USBC Approved for use anytime
- 8oz 
(~237 ml)
- Spray bottle
17,95 EUR
7,57 EUR pro 100ml