Motiv Forge Ember
Motiv Forge Ember Core
Preview: Motiv Forge Ember
Preview: Motiv Forge Ember Core
Motiv Forge Ember *ARCHIVE*
Mobile Preview: Motiv Forge Ember
Mobile Preview: Motiv Forge Ember Core

Motiv Forge Ember *ARCHIVE*

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This product is compatible with (for example):

Motiv Power Gel Scuff
  • Cleans and scours in one step
  • easy to use
  • removes little scratches
  • Increases surface friction and hitting power
  • 16 oz (473ml)
19,95 EUR
42,18 EUR per Liter
Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner
Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner
To make Amplify™ different, we packaged it in a high-end 8-ounce aluminum bottle to provide a durable refillable package. So you can use this bottle more often, save money and also reduce waste for our environment. But this is not the only reason to buy Motiv Amplfy Ball Cleaner: The strong formulation cleanes every Bowlingball from dirt, dust and lane oil and gives you the grip you need to strike on modern lane conditions.
  • 8oz Bottle (~237 ml)
  • refillable aluminium bottle
  • strong formulation 
  • for all types of bowlingballs
18,95 EUR
79,96 EUR per Liter

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Storm Sportcast II

Storm Sportcast II

  • Fully detachable wrist and palm straps
  • Increased length for added wrist and hand support
  • Universal fit for left or right handed bowlers
  • Silicone coating repels dirt and perspiration for a longer life
  • One size fits most
44,95 EUR
Dexter replacement sole S8 white microfiber
Dexter replacement sole S8 white microfiber
The Dexter SST System allows the bowler to change the shoe's sliding sole and heel instantly to adjust to any approach condition: from tacky to slippery, from synthetic to wood. The bowler does not have to adjust footwork or release.

The S8 White Microfiber sole is the standard slide for performance shoes
  • Recommended for: normal to tacky approaches 
  • Bowler Profile: For the stroker seeking a long slide
  • Trim to fit
  • can be used with all SST models, Alohs Pro Series and Etonic Interchangeable shoes
28,95 EUR