Shipping & payment conditions

Are subject to our terms and conditions.

We would like to make in this page on the subject of delivery with some details.
You will receive your order as far as possible in a single shipment. Unless your order contains items that are packaged separately, must be transported differently or are available at a later date.
Commissioned by department Profi Shop GmbH various partners to reliably transport your order to your home or to another location of your choice.

Delivery is at storaged goods usually within one to three business days (not Sat / Sun), but in any event as soon as possible. Should we ask for a deposit or advance payment, the delivery can move.

If an item should not be available, we will inform you on the invoice or you will receive written notification.
Our delivery is subject to the proviso that we are even supplied on time and correctly. Damages for late delivery is excluded, unless there is gross negligence on our part.

With the publication of this price list, previous price lists become invalid.