Drilling Seminars

Drilling Seminars
Ball Drilling Seminar & Pro Shop

Since 1993 we offer in addition to product seminars also Bohrseminare.
In these days the prices of different materials of the bowling balls are in addition to the drilling, clearly explained.
It goes around rather than just theoretical knowledge, but also the advice of your ideal customers. But also interested and ambitious players who want to learn about your sport and should know more, are interested in our offer. In addition to the mediated knowledge can be obtained from each seminar extensive educational material that will also allow you to be re-read all the necessary information to. Still not convinced? The following persons were from us and trained:

M. Mrosek (München) J. Bartel (Potsdam) C. Cremer (München)
J. Genzmer (Schwedt) B. Brösdorf (Mühlhausen) F. Börner (Tübingen)
M. Grabovac (Detmold) J. Brodowsky (München) W. Weber (Bamberg)
H. Gasser (Hohenems) M. Spindler (München) und viele weitere
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