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About us

The company ProfiShop Bowlingservice was founded in Munich in the early 1990s by Wolfgang Stropf and Peter Wolfschaffner. In 2005, Jan Brodowsky joined the company and ProfiShop GmbH was founded. The own brand ↗Aloha Bowling was founded in 2006 in order to supply the bowling market with inexpensive but also high-quality products. In the beginning there were only a few polyester balls, but the product range grew rapidly. Aloha Bowling now offers more than 50 different products, covering everything from balls and bags to shirts and accessories. Did you know that Aloha Bowling also offers pins? The Aloha Strike-XT is the only bowling pin recommended by a National Association ( ↗DBU Bowling) for championships. Maybe you've already scored a strike on it - it's best to ask at your bowling center right away. In the summer of 2008 we decided to include a small, previously unknown company in the program. The company name was ↗Motiv Bowling. At that time, we were the first in Europe to start distributing Motiv Bowling and we have certainly contributed to Motiv's success story today. Check back soon - our story goes on and on.

Hours Shop Munich

Our opening hours are:

  • We. - Fr. 16:00 - 19:00
  • and by appointment

You'll find us at ↗Hollywood Super Bowling Munich directly in the entrance area on the left-hand side.
We would like to enable each of our customers to have the best possible shopping experience and therefore ask you to make an appointment for drilling or advice.
Contact us:

We also offer all service work related to bowling:

  • Bowlingball drilling, pluging and re-drilling
  • Bowlingball resurface
  • Advice on your balls
  • hand measurement
  • Analysis of your game
Staff Spieler
Motiv International Staff

Tobias Börding


1. Game 300 (40x)
3. Games 848
6. Games 1598


  • EM Silver Single 2019
  • EM Silver Team 2019
  • WM Bronze Single 2017
  • WG Bronze Single 2017

Pascal Winternheimer


1. Game 300
3. Game ---
6. Game ---


  • PBA TV Finale 2015
Motiv National Staff

Ivonne Gross



1 Game 300 (3x)
6 Games 1490
9 Games 2155


  • EWC Bronze Trio 2018
  • EWC Silver Double 2016
  • ECC Bronze Single 2008
  • Member Nationalteam
Patrick Weichert

Patrick Weichert



1. Game 300
3. Game 847
6. Game 1507


  • WM Bronze Paris
  • EM Silver Vienna
  • Winner JIC Youth Tourn.
  • Winner Zielona Gora Open

Martina Schütz



1. Game 300
3. Games 867
6. Games 1486


  • EWC Silver Team 2022
  • IBF WC Gold Double 2021
  • EWC Bronze Team 2018
  • EWC Silver Team 2016
Motiv Regional Staff

Florentine Burmeister



1. Spiel 289
3. Spiele 735
6. Spiele 1335


  • DM Gold Doppel
  • DM Gold Doppel BSV
  • DM Bronze Einzel
  • Mitglied Nationalkader

Saskia Malz



1. Game 300
3. Games 739
6. Games 1410


  • DM Gold Single 2022
  • EM Bronze Single 2018
  • EM Bronze Team 2018
  • EM Bronze Team 2013