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Preview: Keyring Pin red
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Keyring Pin
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Mobile Preview: Keyring Pin red
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Keyring Pin

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Squeeze Bowlingpin with Keyring
Pocket-sized relaxation
This unique bowling pin keychain combines fun and relaxation in an original design. The compact shape makes it the ideal companion for your keychain - be it for bowling enthusiasts or anyone looking for an innovative way to reduce stress.

The bowling pin keychain not only serves as a stylish accessory, but also as an effective tool for reducing stress. Its soft, elastic material allows for comfortable squeezing and squeezing, which can quickly relieve stress and tension. The ergonomic shape of the bowling pin fits comfortably in the hand and ensures an authentic bowling experience.

The bowling pin key ring is perfect as a gift for bowling fans or as an original souvenir. With its unique design and practical heat squeeze function, it is an entertaining and at the same time relaxing addition to everyday life - always at hand when a short break is needed.
  • Height: 10cm
  • To warm up or relieve stress
2,99 EUR
Aloha I love Bowling Towel
Microfiber Towel
This towel is specifically designed to remove oil and other residues from your ball.
7,50 EUR

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Bowling Gift Voucher
Buy a voucher and use it in one of our shops or direct in the onlineshop
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Genesis Evolution Hydro Ball Cleaner 4oz
Genesis Evolution Hydro Ball Cleaner 4oz

All Purpose Bowling Ball Cleaner
Evolution Hydro is our all purpose ball cleaner. It has been approved for use during USBC competition, meaning you can clean your ball anytime you want. While being the mildest cleaner in the Evolution line, it still has the power to clean most any contaminants from the surface of your ball. Dirt, oil, scuff or belt marks? No problem. The gentle, low odor, water based formula stays wet longer, aiding in the break down of tough to clean spots on the surface of your ball. Giving you an effective way to clean your ball mid-competition, when other cleaners just aren't allowed.
  • Removes surface oil, dirt and scuff marks
  • Reduces & prevents oil build-up
  • Helps maintain ball reaction
  • Stays wet longer, aiding in dirt and oil break down
  • Safe for use on all ball types

Features + Benefits:
  • Stays Wet longer
  • It stays wet to aid in the break down of dirt, oil and other tough to clean spots.
  • Water Based Formula: A modern, proprietary blend with many similar ingredients to lane cleaners.
  • Reduces Oil Build-Up: By reducing the amount of build-up, you get a more consistent ball reaction.
  • USBC Approved Anytime: Hydro is approved for use anytime, even during USBC sanctioned competition.
7,95 EUR
67,37 EUR per Liter
Plush Pin 15cm
Stoffpin 15cm
Cute keychain that looks like a pin. Very soft and fluffy.
An ideal gift for young and old.
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Machine washable
3,95 EUR
Commercial Grade Tap
Ideal for bars, restaurants, or any customer that uses the Beer Tube frequently.  An excellent option for commercial use--easy to use and easy to clean.  Tap handle, nozzle, and stopper are all designed for heavy use.  The commercial grade plastic tap will fit any of our Beer Tubes. 
39,95 EUR