Genesis Evolution Urethane Cleaner
Genesis Evolution Urethane Cleaner 8oz

Genesis Evolution Urethane Cleaner 8oz

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Next Gen Bowling Primetime PT-Pin Deck Treatment 32oz
Next Gen Bowling Primetime PT-Pin Deck Treatment 32oz

Primetime™ PT is a solvent based treatment designed to restore surface tension to the pin deck area. With proper treatment, you will see a drastic reduction in the amount of out of range pins. This will keep your customers happy and your mechanic less stressed. Saving you headaches all around.

When to Use:
  • We recommend treating your pin decks 1 time a week if oiling once per day, or 2 times a week if oiling twice per day. For best results, apply after the lanes have been stripped and cleaned.
How to Use:
  • Spray directly on to the freshly cleaned and dried pin deck surface. Avoid the temptation to over apply as this may lead to excessive build-up. The treatment should be allowed to set for a minimum of 15 - 30 minutes before use and/or resetting the pins.
  • Safe for use on all pin deck surfaces
* Note: Primetime™ PT should always be applied by spraying on to the surface.

Technical Specifications:
  • Product type - Solvent based
  • Appearance - Golden transparent liquid
  • Weight per gallon - 6.2 lbs. (2.81 kg)
Product Availability:
  • NGBPDT32 - 32 fl. oz. spray (946 mL) / 6 per case
18,45 EUR
19,50 EUR per Liter
Vise Grip Fingerinsert P/O red
Vise Grip Fingerinsert
  • Power Lift & Oval
  • Call Sign: P/O
  • Available in 24 Sizes
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Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner 8oz
Motiv Amplify Ball Cleaner
To make Amplify™ different, we packaged it in a high-end 8-ounce aluminum bottle to provide a durable refillable package. So you can use this bottle more often, save money and also reduce waste for our environment. But this is not the only reason to buy Motiv Amplfy Ball Cleaner: The strong formulation cleanes every Bowlingball from dirt, dust and lane oil and gives you the grip you need to strike on modern lane conditions.
  • 8oz Bottle (~237 ml)
  • refillable aluminium bottle
  • strong formulation 
  • for all types of bowlingballs
18,95 EUR
79,96 EUR per Liter